Oregon Cheese Festival

Celebrating Oregon Cheese

The Oregon Cheese Festival is a farmer’s market-style event celebrating cheese and everything that goes with it. Over the past 15 years it has grown into one of the largest cheese-themed festivals in the country – drawing artisan cheesemakers, vintners, brewers, and more to share their products with our community.

This event takes place in March at Rogue Creamery and CraterWorks MakerSpace in Central Point, OR.

Save the Date for our next Oregon Cheese Festival: March 13 - 14, 2021!

The 2020 Oregon Cheese Festival has been Cancelled

As part of the policies for reopening Oregon set forth by the Governor’s office, large scale events in Oregon have been canceled through this fall. As such, we are unable to hold the Oregon Cheese Festival in 2020 as we had hoped. Please mark your calendars for March 13 & 14, 2021 for the Oregon Cheese Festival at Rogue Creamery in Central Point. Tickets already purchased will be automatically honored on the future dates. Anyone unable to attend on those dates can request a refund by responding to the email issued March 11 by the ticketing website, Bold Type Tickets.

In the meantime, we will continue to monitor the situation and if anything changes over the summer that would allow us to do an event in the fall, we will do so. For now, you can still get your cheese fix AND support Oregon’s food producers. Go to https://oregoncheeseguild.org/buy-oregon-cheese/ for all the ways to SuppORt Local cheesemakers.

It is our hope that you will join us next spring as we celebrate cheese from across the state and beyond. To learn more about the rescheduled festival, refer back here. Thank you for your continued support, and for the enthusiasm you share for the artisan products that make our state so special.

USDA Certified
Organic by Oregon Tilth

In 2016, Rogue Creamery – along with our Dairy Farm and all our products – became USDA Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth. Our cheeses proudly bear the Organic seal because they are made with 100% organic ingredients. This certification verifies that we adhere to the highest standards of quality, producing cheese that’s good for both people and planet. This includes:

  • Promoting soil health and biodiversity
  • Preserving native crop varieties to maintain healthy ecosystems
  • Reducing exposure to pesticides, growth hormones, and antibiotics
  • Improving water quality
  • Healthy working environments for farm workers and our rural neighbors
  • The best protection against GMO’s
  • Ethical stewardship of our land and farm animals
  • Prioritizing animal health and welfare

Best For the World

Rogue Creamery has been ranked as a “Best For the World” B Corporation since 2017, because we place in the top 10% of B Corps worldwide for our positive impact on our community and environment. This is measured by an independent governing body, B Lab, using a biennial audit of our business practices.

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Certified Humane, for
Happy, Healthy Animals

Rogue Creamery is Animal Welfare Review Certified by Validus. You can trust that we treat our dairy cows with respect, giving them clean, healthy living conditions and a superior quality of life. This certification ensures compliance with standards that include:

  • Proper animal handling and management
  • Herd health procedures and care
  • Food and water quality standards
  • Housing that promotes animal comfort and cleanliness
  • On-farm security procedures
  • Proper care of special needs animals
Learn more about the validus animal welfare review

Quality Guarantee

From our management team, to our cheesemakers, to our relationships with our customers, vendors, neighbors, and fans, Rogue Creamery seeks the highest standards in who we are and the products we make. In addition to being USDA certified organic by Oregon Tilth, Rogue Creamery food safety procedures are certified by ASI Food Safety, as well as federal and local regulators. Every lot of cheese we produce undergoes independent lab testing for safety, as well as an internal evaluation to ensure that it meets our flavor, texture, and aroma quality standards. All cheese produced by Rogue Creamery is rbst, rbgh, and antibiotic free, gluten free, and vegetarian-friendly.

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In the Community

The Rogue Valley is a wonderful place to live and work, grow and play. Rogue Creamery has been in continuous operation here in Central Point, OR since 1933 – and from our earliest years, we have been dedicated to the well-being of families in our community. A key component of our company mission is Service, and we live up to this commitment every day. This includes:

  • Team workdays and independent volunteer projects to give back to our community and assist those in need
  • Sponsorship of the arts, including the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and the Ashland Independent Film Festival
  • Advancing educational opportunities
  • Financial and in-kind donations to support nonprofits in our area that are doing important social and environmental work

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