David’s Library Reserve


Rogue Creamery President David Gremmels has been exploring the aging potential of our world champion blue cheese, organic Rogue River Blue. Each year we set aside wheels and continue their aging in a controlled, refrigerated environment – tasting every so often for insights into how this cheese evolves over time. New flavors develop, the texture changes, and the cheese offers an entirely new experience with each passing year. Now we’re offering you the unique opportunity to share in this exploration with us.

*Note: all these cheeses have been tested in a lab by a third party to ensure that they are entirely safe to consume. 

Items included: 1/8 wheel 2016 Rogue River Blue (raw milk), 1/8 wheel 2017 Rogue River Blue (raw milk), 1/8 wheel 2018 Rogue River Blue (raw milk), 1/8 wheel 2019 Rogue River Blue (pasteurized milk); Jacobsen Co. single-source honey trio,  Rogue Creamery cheese knife, Rogue River Blue tasting booklet, and a FAQ card about Rogue River Blue and each of the vintages. 

*Each 1/8 wheel is approx. 9oz

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