Rogue River Blue Preorder FAQ

If you have filled out our form to preorder Rogue River Blue Cheese, this page applies to you.

Don’t have a preorder? We are no longer accepting new preorders, so please refer to our Rogue River Blue product page (link) for information about when the cheese will be available for general sale.

If you do have a preorder, click here to enter the Presale password, access the Presale and check out. Please note: You will need need the Presale password to access the Presale page and make your #purchase. Check the email address you provided when placing your preorder for a message from #us dated on or after 7/13/2020 with the password.

Still have questions? We’re here to help.

Eek! I don’t have the password!

Please contact us using the email address you used to place your preorder and we will share the password to the Presale page with you.

How much did I preorder?

Please look for an email from us, sent on or , with a final confirmation of your Rogue River Blue preorder.

When will my preorder ship?

When you check out, you must select a shipping date. If you selected a shipping date on or after September 1 (as directed), we will make every effort to ship your cheese on that requested date.

If you selected a shipping date prior to September 1, your cheese will be shipped in the order in which it was received (after 9/1), and we are unable to tell you in advance what day that will be.

Either way, you will receive an email notice when your order ships.

Please note: any additional items you add to your cart when you place your order for Rogue River Blue will ship along with the Rogue River Blue, and on the shipping date you select at checkout (after 9/1).

When will I be charged for this cheese?

We will charge your credit card when your order ships.

When I placed my order, I requested a quantity of Rogue River Blue that’s greater than the amount I preordered. Is this ok?

Unfortunately, no – because this cheese is very limited, we have only allocated you the amount of Rogue River Blue that you preordered. We cannot sell you additional wheels/wedges through our Presale Page.

How can I get more Rogue River Blue?

Please visit the Rogue River Blue product page for information about general online sales.

Can I send Rogue River Blue as a gift?

Of course! At checkout, feel free to add a special gift message in the Comments field. We will hand-write a card with your message, and include it in the box.

Please be aware that it is your responsibility to ensure that the recipient is home to receive the box on the day it is delivered. We cannot offer refunds/replacements for cheese that spoils because no one is present to accept the package.

Can I ship to multiple addresses?

Yes, but you must place a separate order for each shipment going to a different address. Each order requires its own shipping charge. Additionally, the total amount of Rogue River Blue you order (between all orders placed) cannot be more than the amount you preordered.

Can I have a whole wheel split and shipped to multiple addresses?

No, whole wheels cannot be divided and shipped to multiple addresses. We recommend ordering 4 quarter wedges instead.

How do I preorder 2021 Rogue River Blue?

Please contact us and we will notify you when the preorder process for 2021 is underway.

When will my Rogue River Blue cheese expire?

The expiration date for all 2020 Rogue River Blue is between January 15, 2021 and March 31, 2021. We recommend consuming the cheese before the expiration date.

We are not able to honor your request to receive a wheel/wedge of cheese with a later expiration date.

What drink should I pair with Rogue River Blue?

We recommend enjoying Rogue River Blue alongside a fine wine with distinction. Our favorite pairing is with a complex, earthy Syrah or Syrah blend – preferably from Oregon! Rogue River Blue also pairs well beside a tawny or ruby port, as well as brandy and cognac.

Do you have a favorite pairing that’s not listed here? Contact us to share – we’d love to hear about it!

What should I eat with Rogue River Blue?

This cheese needs no accompaniment and can be enjoyed entirely on its own. If eating with a cracker, we recommend a wafer-style cracker with no added flavors so as not to mask the complex nature of the cheese.

Rogue River Blue shines on a cheese board beside roasted or candied nuts, particularly hazelnuts. We also enjoy it with a huckleberry or fig compote.

If you are in search of creative recipes that involve Rogue River Blue, check our recipes page!

What do I do with the grape leaves?

The grape leaves that we use to wrap the cheese should be left on the cheese to hold it intact and maintain its character. They are even edible!

Want to know more about Cheese Care and how to serve your cheese? Check out our Cheese Care FAQ page.