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Thank you for preordering the 2019/2020 World Champion Cheese, Rogue River Blue! This special presale of reserved product is only available to those who have placed preorders for the 2020 vintage of Rogue River Blue.

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Please purchase Rogue River Blue in the quantity you preordered.

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Please look for an email from us, sent on or after July 13, that confirms the amount you preordered.

If you want more Rogue River Blue than you preordered:

Please visit our standard  Rogue River Blue page which has information on how to purchase more Rogue River Blue after the Presale. You may only purchase the amount you preordered during the Presale. Note: Quantities are extremely limited, released daily, and available on a first-come basis. We cannot guarantee you will be able to order more Rogue River Blue this way. Please refer to the product page (link) for more information.

Presale Shipping Rules

If you select a shipping date before September 1, we will NOT ship your package on the date you select.

Your package will ship after September 1, and only when our team is able to fulfill your order. You will have no control over what day your package will ship, and you will only receive a shipping notification with tracking information once your package has left our warehouse. Select a shipping date after September 1!

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If you are not home when your package is delivered, and your cheese spoils as a result, we cannot offer you a refund or replacement. (Click here to see our full refund policies.) It is your responsibility to receive your package in a timely manner, and for communicating any additional delivery instructions to your local FedEx/UPS facility or driver in order to ensure that your package makes it to its intended destination without delay.

You are welcome to add additional items to your order, but any order containing Rogue River Blue WILL NOT SHIP until September 1 or later.

This includes ALL items in your order, not just your Presale Rogue River Blue. If you wish to receive other items sooner, you must place a separate order for them.

In order to ship to multiple addresses, you must place multiple orders.

Please make sure that the total amount of Rogue River Blue you order (between all orders placed) is not more than the quantity you preordered.

If you are sending this as a gift, you are responsible for making sure the recipient is home to receive the package on the day it arrives.

We cannot offer refunds or replacements if the cheese spoils because no one is home to receive the box.

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The email you use at checkout for the presale MUST BE the email address you used when you reserved your preorder.

This is how we make sure that only preorder customers like you are able to place an advance purchase for this product.

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Rogue River Blue – Presale

From: $40.00

From: $40.00


Rogue River Preorder Customers, Please Note: you will have first access to Rogue River Blue Cheese when we release the new vintage in September 2020.

Experience the finest cheese in the world!

As fall comes to the Rogue Valley, cooler temperatures and wet weather bring renewed growth to the pastures. This is when our cow’s milk is at its best – and it’s only during these months that we make our limited edition, seasonal Rogue River Blue – a cheese that has now been named 2019/2020 World Champion at the World Cheese Awards. After 9 to 11 months of careful tending in our aging caves, our team hand-wraps each wheel in organic, biodynamic Syrah grape leaves that have soaked in pear spirits. Each September on the Autumnal Equinox, the vats again begin to fill with milk that will one day become this distinctive cheese. This is the day we celebrate the release of the year’s Rogue River Blue.




Upgrade your purchase

Rogue Picnic Pack

At Rogue Creamery, we love to celebrate the beauty and seasonality in the nature around us. We hope to inspire the perfect day out in the sun with our Rogue Picnic Pack! This pack is curated to offer an easy experience and is conveniently able to travel within the Nellie Bag we provide.

We suggest refreezing one of the Rogue Creamery gel packs you receive in your order, and placing it at the bottom of your Nellie Bag to keep your cheese cooled while you travel!

Items include: 3.5oz Organic Crater Lake Blue, 3.5oz Organic Smokey Blue, 8oz Organic Chocolate Stout Cheddar, Organic Rustic Bakery Flatbread Bites, Jacobsen Co. Honey Sticks, Olympia Provisions Flaco Paco Pepperettes, Bee’s Wrap Single Medium Wrap, and an Insulated Nellie Bag. 


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